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Ohio’s New Entrepreneurs Fund (ONE Fund)

Ohio’s New Entrepreneurs Fund (ONE Fund) is an innovative approach to retaining and attracting the best and the brightest talent to Ohio. This mentorship-driven program focuses on the professional development of young entrepreneurs with the necessary ambition to commercialize new technologies and looks to link promising new ventures in Ohio with early-stage investment capital. ONE Fund will aggressively recruit young entrepreneurs from within Ohio and outside the state and will foster the young entrepreneurs’ professional development by educating them on what it takes to form a business in Ohio.   Written Questions – Through January 16, 2012.  Proposals due by 12:00 p.m., January 18, 2012.  Review and Award approximately – Spring 2012.

Ohio House & Senate Finalize Congressional Districts & Create Single March 6, 2012 Primary

The Ohio House & Senate on December 15th Passed HB 369 creating the new 2012 Congressional District Maps & Creating a single Primary Election to be held March 6, 2012.  

    After months of Republicans and Democrats trying to work through differences with the 2012 Congressional district maps, legislators finally were able to pass a compromise before the end of the year.  HB 369 also included provisions for Ohio to have a single primary in 2012.  Legislation passed earlier this fall had a March 6, 2012 primary for local elections, Ohio House and Senate districts, as well as a June primary for the office of President and Ohio’s Congressional Districts. 

HB 369 creates a single primary election to be conducted on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March (March 6, 2012) for the purpose of nominating candidates for all offices that are scheduled for election in 2012 and for the purpose of electing candidates who are scheduled for election on the day of the 2012 primary election. 

In year 2012, a political subdivision or taxing authority may conduct a special election on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in August. 

Additionally, HB 369 creates the Redistricting Reform Task Force, comprised of eight members of the General Assembly who shall be equally divided between the members of the two major political parties. Not later than thirty days after the effective date of the ACT, the legislative leader of the majority caucus and the legislative leader of the minority caucus in each house of the General Assembly shall each appoint two members to the Task Force.

The Task Force shall be co-chaired by two members, one from each major political party. The legislative leaders in the House of Representatives and in the Senate who are members of the same political party shall jointly appoint a chairperson.

(B) The purpose of the Task Force shall be to create a redistricting reform proposal for consideration by the General Assembly during 2012.

(C) The Task Force shall issue a report, not later than June 30, 2012, that includes the Task Force’s recommendations for reforming the redistricting process.

(D) The Task Force shall hold a minimum of three public hearings, one of which shall be conducted after the Task Force issues its report, to allow for meaningful public discussion of the recommendations included in the report.

Ohio Department of Development – Ohio Job Ready Site (JRS) Program

Ohio Department of Development – Ohio Job Ready Site (JRS) Program.  The Department is currently reviewing  submitted applications for the 4th and final funding round.  During the month of December 2011 and January 2012, the Department will review and score projects.  Applicants will be asked to provide a short, 20 minute presentation to the review team in February 2012. Award announcements are anticipated during March/April 2012.

Mineral industries critical to Ohio’s economy

– Ohio’s mineral industries produced more than $2.7 billion for the state’s economy in 2010, according to a report issued by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Geological Survey. The number represents a 4-percent increase from 2009 and is primarily attributed to the increase in the unit value of oil.

Ohio Department of Development launched of InvestOhio the $100 million tax credit program

The Ohio Department of Development, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Taxation, launched of InvestOhio, the $100 million tax credit program designed to help eligible small businesses get the funds from investors they need to grow, succeed, and create jobs. The effort is expected to generate $1 billion in new investments in Ohio small businesses. “Valuable capital has been sitting on the sidelines far too long and InvestOhio helps get these dollars into the game to help Ohio’s small businesses take advantage of the emerging economic recovery,” said Christiane Schmenk, Director of the Ohio Department of Development. “Governor Kasich and his team are pursuing innovative jobs-creation strategies like InvestOhio to recreate a jobs-friendly climate that will help get Ohio moving again in the right direction.”  InvestOhio encourages investments of up to $10 million in eligible small businesses in exchange for a 10 percent income tax credit for investments held for two years. Eligible small businesses must have less than $50 million in assets or less than $10 million in annual sales.

Ohio House Vote to Suspend Rules Fails – 66 Yes votes needed – 58 received

The Ohio House scheduled session for November 3, 2011 with the hope to take up legislation to adopt a new Congressional map and create a single 2012 primary.  Ohio House vote to suspend rules failed to receive the required 66 Yes votes needed. There were only 58 Yes votes.  As a result, the House will continue to discuss options for a new congressional map and single 2012 primary.  In order to allow candidates time to circulate petitions which are due December 6, 2011 for the 2012 March Primary, any bill that is passed would require an emergency clause.  Currently, with the passage of HB 318 earlier this week, Ohio will have two primary elections in 2012.  March 2012 will be a primary election for Ohio House and Senate races, as well as for local races.  June 12, 2012 will be a primary election for the offices of President and Congress.

Ohio House of Representatives – Session Days for November/December Set

The Ohio House will hold a full voting session of the chamber at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 3rd.  Speculation on the return of the members centers around Congressional redistricting. 

      Ohio House of Representatives Speaker William Batchelder changed the House session calendar removing planned sessions on November 9th and 30th. The House will meet November 15th, 16th and 29th and December 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th.

Apportionment Board Finalized New General Assembly Districts Map

Apportionment Board Finalized New General Assembly Districts Map 

1    Final Apportionment Plan (Includes all districts and precincts included in each district)

2    House Map

3    Senate Map 

Apportionment Board Files Newly Proposed Ohio House and Senate Districts

Apportionment Board Joint Secretaries Ray DiRossi and Heather Mann Filed with the Ohio Secretary of State the Newly Proposed Ohio House and Senate Districts. Maps and descriptions are on the Secretary of State’s Website.  The Apportionment Board will hold a hearing Monday, September 26, 2011 to hear testimony on the plan.  Action on the new districts is expected to finalized later in the week. The Apportionment Board consists of the Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, and two members of the Legislature.  Every ten years after the U.S. Census, the Apportionment Board is required to update General Assembly districts.

Day 2 of Governor Kasich’s Energy & Economic Summit

Governor Kasich’s 21st Century Energy & Economic Summit started Septemeber 21st and runs through today.  The Summit is being held on the campus of The Ohio State University.  The Summit has brought over a thousand attendees to listen to the various interested parties to discuss Ohio’s Energy options including recent interest in Utica and Marcellus Shale in Ohio.  The Summit covers a broad range of topics and brought together utilities, environmentalists and the oil and gas industry. (Agenda)    According to one Battelle, one of the hosts for the Summit, they hope the “Summit will lay the foundation for a comprehensive Energy and Economic Development Policy that will allow Ohio’s substantial assets to propel the State’s long-term economic growth and job creation.”  The program establishes the key to the Summit “is the beginning of a comprehensive, jobs-friendly energy policy for Ohio. The open exchange of ideas on the future of energy will provide Ohio leaders a sound basis for developing policies  that spur economic growth through low-cost, reliable energy, 21st Century energy technologies, appropriate regulatory oversight, and environmental stewardship.”

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